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Our History

Organic Certifiers (OC) was founded by the Siple family in Ventura County, California. Randolph and Susan Siple started OC from observing the frustrations of achieving certification through a certification agency. With the combination of their experience as organic farmers and private practice lawyers, Randolph and Susan knew they would make the perfect certification team. In 1996, they commenced OC and began certifying local farmers with a focus on certification using a common sense approach.

In 2002, OC was one of the first certification agencies to become accredited to the NOP(National Organic Program) Standard. OC began to steadily grow and gain respect in the organic community. Today, OC has grown to be California’s 3rd largest certifying agency. OC continues to approach organic certification with a focus on “sound and sensible” by offering reasonable information requests, quick response time, and forming one-on-one relationships between OC representatives and clients.

Organic Certifiers History of Organic Certification