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Ease of Certification

Customer Service

Competitive Pricing

Organic Certification Organic Certifiers

Ease of Certification

We ease the process. It’s that simple.

Organic Certification Customer Service Organic Certifiers

Customer Service

We assign a personal representative to your business. We want you to know us by name, and we’ll know your names too!

Organic Certification Pricing Organic Certifiers

Competitive Pricing

A value you can’t pass up, we simplify the fee into two areas – inspection and annual certification.

Relationships Matter

Organic Certifiers (OC) understands that organic certification can be challenging as a first time pursuit. That is why each client is assigned a client representative who guides you through the certification process. OC clients may contact their representative at any time with any questions or concerns regarding their organic certification. We believe that the client-to-representative relationship combined with quick response time and sensible paperwork, is the backbone of our business.

Easy Organic Certification with Organic Certifiers

Our work with Organic Certifiers has been very valuable for our business. They have worked closely with us as our business has grown in the U.S. and internationally. I’m most appreciative of how quickly they respond to questions, and the clear focus they have when reviewing our processes, products, and packaging. They not only audit and review our processes and ingredients annually, but are a resource I turn to frequently throughout the year to ensure we continue to meet USDA NOP standards. Thank you, OC, for all your help and guidance.

Karen Campbell from Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss

Organic Certifiers Our Mission Organic Certification

Our Mission

Organic Certifiers (OC) was founded on the principle of making simple and easy solutions for organic certification.  We take pride in providing a “sound and sensible” approach while guiding our clients through the certification process.

Organic Certifiers Our History Organic Certification

Our History

Organic Certifiers (OC) was founded by the Siple family in Ventura County, California. Randolph and Susan Siple started OC from observing the frustrations of achieving certification through a certification agency. With the combination of their experience as organic farmers and private practice lawyers, Randolph and Susan knew they would make the perfect certification team. In 1996, they commenced OC and began certifying local farmers with a focus on certification using a common sense approach.

Organic Certifiers Our Clients Organic Certification

Client Testimonials

“As  a client of Organic Certifiers we have been extremely pleased with the quality of service they have provided. The staff is always friendly and very customer oriented. They have handled some of our complicated issues with ease and with very quick turnaround times. I cannot say enough good things about  Organic Certifiers organization. ” Dr. Bruce Howe President-CEO- Select Ingredients